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Programming and Design

We Carry Out Programming and Prepare Documentation

We are not only manufacturers of components, but also technicians. For the needs of CNC machining and completing your order, we draw documentation and carry out modelling and programming.

We only programme workpieces which you order from us. We do not accept orders for drawing and modelling only. If you would like to place an order for CNC machining with us, we will also be happy to prepare production documentation.

Design and Production Documentation

Production documentation is a key component for CNC machining. We are therefore capable of creating custom production documentation for workpieces for our customers.

We can convert printed drawings from our customers into an electronic format of their choice. Specifically, customers can choose from the following formats: DXF, DVG, IPT, STEP, IGS.

Programming CNC Machines

According to our customers’ requirements, we create programmes in the Heidenhain and Fanuc systems. In the case of 3D programming, we use Gibbs Cam.

Quality Begins with Documentation

For the subsequent quality of a workpiece, it is essential to prepare production documentation and to programme a CNC machine. Therefore we handle our work with great care. Our employees specialise in creating production documentation, as well as programming itself.

We will be more than happy to help you with the implementation of your order from the project phase to the final product.